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Aldo White
Newark, New Jersey
Crítico de la cultura popular. Escritor, antropólogo e historiador. Redactor. Malpensante.
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From @MLS
Who lifts it: @SoundersFC or @TorontoFC? #MLSCup starts NOW! : ABC, Univision, TUDN : TSN, TVAS
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From @sconosciutoCOL
@MLS @SoundersFC @TorontoFC Not only are the playing turfs of the MLS subpar, they are plain horrible. This is just…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sconosciutoCOL: the much bigger issue for @MLS is to get on network, even if they have to give away a match a week. They should also choose the final teams using multiple matches with a scoring system or similar rather than elimination games (aka the "Zlatan Act").