BBC lies about Obama certificate issue

The BBC offers "Hawaii blocks repeat requests for Obama birth records" ( about that state's new law. In the article, they explicitly state, "Mr Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961". However, that's then followed by two outright lies about the basic, easily-understood, indisputable facts of this matter:

The state of Hawaii has released a computer print-out of the birth certificate information and officials have vouched for its authenticity, but that has failed to satisfy the birthers.

1. The state of Hawaii has not released a "computer print-out of the birth certificate information". In fact, they haven't released any documents relating to this matter. The only thing they've released are statements; they haven't released copies of any documents. The BBC is lying.

2. The "computer print-out" is a picture of a "Certification of Live Birth", not of "birth certificate information"; the latter (a "Certificate of Live Birth") would have more information. Here's an example.

3. Contrary to the BBC's claims, that "computer print-out" has not been "vouched for" by officials. Hawaii's Janice Okubo admitted that in August of last year. The BBC is lying.

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