Ask SPLC to denounce racism involving ACLU's Georgia immigration suit (Workers United, SEIU)

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The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the groups suing Georgia over that state's new immigration law; see the link for the details. A leader of one of the SPLC's compatriots in the suit has made a racist (and ageist) statement about the suit. Let's try to get the SPLC to denounce his comments, despite the fact that he's on their side.

That shouldn't be that difficult, should it? The SPLC has a veritable hair trigger when it comes to denouncing what they present as racism and hate, and the comments from one of their compatriots in the suit definitely clears the SPLC's low bar.

What I'm asking you to do is to contact the SPLC through various means: comments on their blog, in person (hopefully videotaped for video sharing sites), through Facebook and Twitter (@splcenter), and however else you can get in touch with them. In all cases ask them to publicly denounce the comments from one of their compatriots. And, make sure that as many of their current or potential supporters can see your request. For instance, if a major leftwing blog cites the SPLC, take that as an opportunity to challenge the SPLC. If a reporter cites the SPLC, send them an email or tweet asking them to ask the SPLC to denounce the racist quote.

The racist quote in question is here:

"It is wrong for us to try to regulate immigration on a state level when we are talking about not just a national problem but a worldwide problem that is caused by the globalization of our economic system that forces working people to follow jobs. Now we have people who have to migrate from one country to another just to feed their families. We do not need to blame the innocent victims of globalization for the problems that are caused by globalization," Harris L Raynor, Southern Regional Director and Vice President, Workers United, SEIU said.

"It was the pale, male, and stale people in the Republican party and the State legislature that allowed this legislation to become law. I hope the people of Georgia elect a new legislature that looks a little more like them," Raynor predicts.

In case that's not clear enough for the SPLC, simply switch things around a bit:

"It was the dark, female, and young people in the Democratic party and the State legislature that allowed this legislation to become law. I hope the people of Georgia elect a new legislature that looks a little more like them."

No doubt it wouldn't be difficult to find a 1950s white Georgia official saying something similar to that.

Note also that Raynor's group is an affililated union of the Service Employees International Union, so ask them to denounce his racist comments too.

If anyone gets any replies from the SPLC or the SEIU, leave them in comments. And, don't give up! Just keep asking them until they either denounce his comments or you wear out your keyboard.