Arpaio shouted down at First Amendment Forum; Amanda Terkel cheers; open borders song

Last night, Arizona State University held a "First Amendment Forum" with sheriff Joe Arpaio being questioned about his relationship to the media and immigration by a professor and two others from that school. The event was interrupted by far-left protesters who began singing parody lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody, causing the panelists including Arpaio to leave one-by-one. The Dean of the school says (link):

"They didn’t shout down Sheriff Arpaio... They shouted down three top-flight journalists who were trying to question him. My personal opinion? I think that’s dumb."

The lyrics of their parody song are here, and they're quite dumb too. They racialize immigration enforcement, complain about NAFTA while their "solution" would make the situation for those in the U.S. and Mexico worse, and basically support open borders.

And, for more dumb, Amanda Terkel of ThinkProgress links to video and the lyrics ( but fails to note what the Dean says about the incident. And, considering that this is red meat for their visitors and she's not pointing out that interrupting such events is a dumb thing to do, it's not unfair to assume that she supports such interruptions at "First Amendment Forums" just as long as they break the far-left way.


_"...I think thatÂ’s dumb."_ Speaking of dumb: Do they not have campus police at ASU? Maybe someone should've called them to deal the disruption.