Anderson Cooper, Thelma Gutierrez of CNN promote anti-American DREAM Act

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Finally: PIIPPs are now available in video form as Anderson Cooper of CNN presents a "news" report from Thelma Gutierrez which isn't more than an ad for the anti-American DREAM Act, a federal bill that would let illegal aliens take college educations away from U.S. citizens. In his setup, Cooper refers to the report as a "side of the immigration battle that we don't often see"; see the PIIPPs link for dozens of newspaper articles that are highly similar to the CNN report.

The report itself has many of the same features as other PIIPPs (see the link above for a definition of that term), including the use of a sympathetic "victim" of our immigration laws. Hers appears to be more of an edge case than others; Gutierrez fails to note just how edge it appears to be in comparison to the others, such as those who were brought here illegally when they were old enough to know what was going on. She also fails to note that the DREAM Act would cover "students" as old as 35 years of age.

She refers to the subject and her friends as "academic stars" and - completely shedding any journalistic integrity - asks "do we want to turn our backs on the best and the brightest?" She briefly interviews one opponent, but whether that opponent made the main argument about limited resources or not, it's not in the video. She does, however, include a little acting performance as a teacher of some kind asks illegal aliens to stand up in turn depending on their fields of study; a couple smirk knowingly at how fake the performance is. She fails to note that there are very few truly outstanding students; at every SAT/grades level there are hundreds or thousands of Americans. The question becomes why we should take something away from one of those U.S. citizens in order to give it to a citizen of another country. For someone like Gutierrez, the answer to that is clear: she's only interested in supporting others of her ethnicity and has more loyalty to them than to her fellow citizens.


Yes its all for the children that is the offspring of the oligarchs both so Called American ones and little Mexican/third world ones. but not for you and your kids will just be worked to-death in our new world order of monkey justice for all.