0.005% of Los Angeles' population turns out for massive tea party ("GayPatriot" doesn't approve comment)

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As the world goes to heck, the tea parties continue on whining at a heretofore unseen pace, with a massive protest in Westwood, California momentously occuring yesterday.

The world-changing protest featured a whopping 150-200 people, equivalent to 0.005% of the population of the city of Los Angeles. That will hold back the forces of Antonio Villaraigosa and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Their iron-fisted grasp on power is no match for the tea partiers incredibly stupid counter-attack of ACORN-style street protests!

To put the attendance into perspective, if the population of Los Angeles (city) were the weight of an average car, the number who turned out would be about equal to the weight of the cover of one of the car's dashboard switches. Just the cover, not the switch itself.

The delusional report - with pictures - is promoted by - of course - Glenn Reynolds at pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/78790 and brought to us by "GayPatriotWest" at one of Insty's even more worthless link targets (gaypatriot.net/2009/05/18/westwood-tea-party). A comment I left on an earlier entry was never approved; see [1].

If there are any sane Obama opponents who want to do something effective, see the question authority summary. And, don't follow leaders like Instapundit who have absolutely no clue about how to do things that are effective.

[1] I left the following, never approved comment on
My name's link was to the question authority link above and said something like, "Do this instead" or the like.

The comment follows:
I'm sure all five objectivists in L.A. County will be there.

Meanwhile, smart people who want to do something effective should take effective steps against one of the major root causes of CA's problems.