New Haven Independent deletes another comment (John DeStefano + Mexico)

Melissa Bailey of the leftwing New Haven Independent informs us [1] that that city is renewing discussions on issuing ID cards for various uses from the mundane (paying parking fines) to the not-so-mundane (apparent substitute for driver's licenses for illegal aliens). As could be expected from those familiar with issues in that city, mayor John DeStefano and the "city's social-services chief" Kica Matos - former leader of "Junta for Progressive Action" - are involved. The latter group is collaborating with the Mexican government [2].

I left a comment on [1], which appeared immediately. It's since disappeared, so I left it again. Let's see if it sticks this time. This is the second time they've deleted a comment I left on such stories, the first deletion is detailed at the second link above.

It was such a short comment too:
Since Matos' group is collaborating with the MexicanGovernment, does anyone have any information on what role if any that government is playing in this effort?
Obviously, I made one minor error: it's Matos' former group; she now works for the city. However, I have no doubt that she maintains close contact with her former collaborateurs.

If anyone in their area wants to jump into the vacuum that the NHI is leaving in the reporting field, feel free to try to answer my question.

UPDATE: They deleted the second comment, so I left this:
Could the NHI explain why it keeps deleting my comments, especially since the content of my comments was based on a previous NHI article? You can see the comment I left here.

Since the NHI apparently doesn't want to do real reporting on this issue, I urge everyone else to fill the gap.


OT; Watsonville declares itself a "sanctuary" city: Yet another formerly decent California city declares itself to be a Third World toilet. MS-13 and the other violent Latino LA gangs are celebrating tonight. More safe territory for them to operate in!

It's all about collaborating with the enemies of freedom, Mexico City is on any the side that hates the USA, Sadly so are the Rats in Our Government like this Pig Red Rat John Mexico city DeStefano and the other Mexican drug dealer Kica do sex for a dollar Matos, Both are the new Ideals inside a Government that hates Our Freedoms. But if you think that is bad, "Read Emperor's Clothes about other places with mass Corruption". See Alex Jones on Ron Paul and the patriot act or the police state act, its all about freedom and hate of your life, think act live.

My organization did all of the research into the banking scheme with Mayor DeStefano. I am in a heated debate with Paul Bass, editor of the Independent because he is censoring me - I am completely blocked from posting on his website. People are personally attacking me on there, but he does not allow me to defend myself. He is a disgrace and I've been told that he is a puppet of the Mayor.