"Mexico welcomes U.S. immigration pact"

From this:
The Mexican government said on Friday that the immigration pact reached by U.S. Democratic and Republican senators is a positive step to achieve an integral immigration reform that will benefit millions of Mexicans.

[Mexican Foreign Ministry Spokesman Victor Aviles says:] "The Mexican government expects a substantial migratory reform will be discussed with practical and realistic solutions... Mexico expects everyone to contribute objectively and positively to overcome the ongoing disagreements, respect sensitive aspects of the bipartisan proposal..."
UPDATE: The following was also in the statement released by Aviles:
"The Mexican government has been in permanent communication with distinct actors in the debate and has expressed its points of view on the subject, in a climate of respect for the U.S. legislative process."


Look people it's over with the USA Government is in the hands of the Enemy so be good little third world Americans, you people have it coming just do nothing and live the life like mexicans do! in other words eat each other! the enemy is in front of you and you can't see him, how sad for you! Bin Laden is Bush and Bush is Bin Laden And Bush and the one world people will someday eat your children for world peace the one world way. Fight and live think and live say nothing and go to a camp system made for you by your own government.

What's not to like? The Mexican government can even loan the 'migrants' money to pay the fine -- it'll be more than repaid later in remittances.

The Mexican government has no realistic solutions for those who are left behind and don't have relatives sending remittances. You'd think that Mexicans would be ashamed of their government and that their government would have the good sense to humble itself in the face of the failures of their economic policies and keep silent. Instead, they continue to provoke the people that they need to convince most, the citizens of the U.S. that oppose illegal immigration and demand that their citizens go home. You'd think that they'd contain themselves from making commentaries until passage of a bill is certain. The more they open their mouths, the more scorn they reap from Americans.

The mexican government just gave us evidence of treason, but who is going to inquire about these distinct actors?

The ONLY civilized Mexicans are the LEGAL ones here in the US and a few of true Spanish desent. This includes their government... If they would ever attempt to 'take-to-the-streets' in Mexico as they did here, you'd get to see it in action. Every last one of them would be gunned down. When I was living in Acapulco I got to see the level of intelligence, ability, knowledge and logic that exists there. Here's one example: Acapulco had waited years for a new water pipeline to be installed. Then came that fateful day. I watched as they cut the ribbon...Everyone holding their breath for this moment so they could applaud and begin celebration. The water line was turned on...and a thin stream of water came trickling through...??? You could hear a pin drop! They had used miles and miles of 2" pipe...ROFL. Here's another story I was witness to: A friends brother had a little newstand. He was held up at gunpoint and he shot the assailant. He was thrown in jail for life. Mexican presidents come and go like the wind. It has nothing to do with the people (who have no say whatsoever)...just a bunch of little boys who will kill eachother off to get their turn. It's no wonder to me that there are so many mexican criminals here, since that's what they know. It's not criminal...it's a way of life. Has anyone seen the VAST land that sits empty across Mexico? Imagine, just for a moment imagine what it would be like if some of it were developed for mexicans and not for WEALTHY AMERICANS. There's something very unhealthy about the whole picture and, assuredly, far more than meets the immediate eye.