Great American Boycott II: May Day illegal immigration marches

May 1 is the big day for supporters of illegal immigration, as once again foreign citizens will take to our streets, making a show of force and demanding that we change our laws to suit them.

In last year's marches, some of the organizers had links to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties, yet that was barely noted even when it appeared in mainstream articles from the Chicago Tribune and others. And, in some cases it wasn't mentioned. For instance, Tim Molloy of the AP failed to note that one of the organizers was a former Mexican consul general. Stay tuned for coverage.


Why Not after all its Red Day in mexico city, the pigs in that march are all enemies of freedom and hate this nation and its laws and love Bin Laden like most of the grandfathers of the marchers loved Hitler. 9-11,mexico city it was party day anyone remember that one? when over 3 million mexicans had a little dancing thing going on, it was the bin laden salsa day with some tanga and let us not forget mexican disco, yes mexico city loves bin laden. and what do you think will happen when the rats get so called amnesty? and may God help you all.

Will we have more heartwarming Mexican pride, and more crummy rapping, like this video from last year's march?