Mexican agent? IL Sen. Martin Sandoval wants loans for illegal aliens

From this:
Illegal immigrants with "B" averages would be eligible for state-backed student loans if a controversial Senate proposal becomes law.

Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago) has called for the state to establish a taxpayer-funded student loan fund from which Illinois residents -- regardless of their citizenship -- could borrow to pay for their academic careers.

"Whether you're a citizen or a permanent legal resident or an immigrant, you . . . should have a right to an education," Sandoval said.

Sandoval's loan program fell one vote short of passage Thursday but was kept alive through a parliamentary move...
What Whitney Woodward forgot to mention is that Sandoval - a Democrat - serves on a Mexican government advisory council. In fact, you can see his name on this list of their advisors:

Exactly which country is he representing with this proposal?

Please write the Sun Times' Managing Editor and suggest they include his affiliation next time: dhayner *at*


its sickening these illegal aliens gain special rights, its the plan of the elites to use them against us!

These people know no limits. They just demand and demand and demand.

The other mary that is the way of the third world people and its ruler's why do you think the third world is the way it is? the people have nothing because the people are nothing, and the rulers are as evil as hell is.

Just what we need: more "B" students.