The Wit And Wisdom of Illegal Immigration Marchers

No, the pages aren't blank, but something else is. In all these reports, the listed quotes and all the rest are presented completely unopposed. No one is around to point out to them some extremely basic facts: a) they weren't kidnapped and brought here against their will, b) they're already citizens, just not of this country, c) they're welcome to leave at any time, and d) U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not a right.

* "Us not being in school is showing the government they're going to lose money if they send us all back to Mexico." [1]

* "They should help them get their papers, they're out here working and they're giving them a hard time about it." [1]

* "You break the law out of necessity, and then you have years here of contributing to the government, and if they don't help people, the country does not progress." [2]

* [chanted:] "Bush, listen, the people are in a struggle." [3]

* "We're like a gadfly. We're going to spray Congress into action." [4]

* "This used to be our land, anyway. This used to be our country... At least let us work in it." [4]

* [Known airhead L.A. City Councilwoman Janice Hahn:] "We're going to elect a new president of the United States next year and 'she' may be the person to bring us together around the issue of immigration." [5]

* "I think it is not right to send all the immigrants back. I believe they should have rights just like everyone here. They work and pay taxes like everyone. I think they should be treated the same." [6]

* "After working 22 years here, paying taxes and being a good citizen, I think it's fair they give me residency... It's not fair we don't have documents." [7]

* [chanting:] "Zapata Vive!" [8]

* "We put food on Bush's plate, but he doesn't like us anymore." [8]

* [sign on a pet Chihuahua] "No work, no taco. Yo quiero taco." [8]

* "This is a country based on immigrants - it isn't right to see people not treated equally. No human is illegal." [9]

* "They need the same opportunities and are asking for the same rights to work and live in this country... And they're very proud to be in America." [10]

* "We serve this society, so it must give us opportunities... We're all citizens of the world; there is nothing called an illegal citizen. No one is illegal before God." [11]

* "We ask for the government to be open to understanding the immigrants... The immigrants are a strong work force." [12]

* "Not having your residency makes things very difficult... The fact that people work, and later do not get paid and do not get a legal status, that has to end." [13]

* "I have a lot of family who don't have their papers... I think we need to give working people a chance because the United States is made up of immigrants." [14]

* "We gave Nixon amnesty. We might as well give people who are working hard and honestly amnesty and compassion rather than prejudice."[15]

[13] (

#4 also has this:

One group of young, African-American bystanders gathered along International Boulevard [in Oakland] this morning had mixed feelings about the immigrant marchers. They supported them, they said. But they felt they should get the same attention for the issues they share. "I think we need to be looked out for, too," said one young woman who only gave her first name, Lavon. "We've asked for the same thing for centuries. And we never got it." Earl Bennett said African-Americans might also like to march for their rights in Oakland. But he said he doesn't think they would have police blocking roads and directing traffic for them, as they did for today's march. "If it was a bunch of black folks, they would be taking us to jail (and asking), 'Where's your I.D.?"'

#14 also mentions that one of the Santa Ana rally organizers is Mike Gonzalez, "president" of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad. He's actually president of the Orange County delegation to that Mexican government advisory council.


About what one would expect; but some of the comments are clearly worse, or more unreasonable/less rational, than others. _After working 22 years here, paying taxes and being a good citizen, I think it's fair they give me residency... It's not fair we don't have documents."_ I don't necessarily agree that it's unfair (and clearly the use of "citizen", taken literally, is absurd). But the problem for people like this, who may (or not, it is hard to tell) be fairly well 'integrated', employed (albeit illegally), etc, is that 1) the longstanding nature of a crime is not necessarily mitigating, and 2) there are literally millions of illegals here, way too many for us to make exceptions, which otherwise we could (maybe even should) do. And things like amnesty just encourage more of the same, with all the attendant social problems, including the tons of data documenting the rather bad comparative demographic profile of Hispanics [1], who make up most of the illegal population.


The fundamental argument against amnesty/open borders: (...) _The question is never illegal immigration alone, but always immigration policy, and how much of it we want to be determined by illegal immigration--in other words, how much control of it we will cede to the the world outside of the United States, how much will be determined by the whim and geographical proximity of citizens of other nations._ _Aside from what many of us believe are specious claims, and some that aren't even that, of economic benefit, the pro-amnesty argument is simply this: that we have a limited (at best) say in our own immigration policy, as it will largely be determined by migrations we have no moral right to oppose or regulate. Hogwash._ OR (...) "Our democracies are based on nation states. But what happens if our elites no longer care about defending these nation states?" A profound point. One of the keynotes of modern liberalism, with its emphasis on non-discrimination and what Jim Kalb calls the technocratic organization of all of life in order to supply everyone's needs, is the downplaying of the very thing that made political democracy possible: the nation state. The older democracy was not primarily about rights and needs; it was primarily about self-government; self-government means the activity of a people, organized into a political society, ruling itself through representative and accountable leaders. But self-government is anathema to modern liberalism and its transnational elites. SELF-GOVERNMENT OF A PEOPLE IS DISCRIMINATORY AND EXCLUSIVE OF ALL OTHER PEOPLES. THE NEWER "DEMOCRACY" OR RATHER ADVANCED LIBERALISM IS NOT ABOUT SELF-GOVERNMENT; IT\'S ABOUT THE MANAGEMENT OF THE WORLD. As Fjordman points out, on the practical level the most immediate way in which modern liberalism attacks democracy is through open immigration. A people loses any ability to govern itself and its affairs when its territory is filled up with aliens who do not share the same history, identity, loyalty, and ethos. Indeed, as soon as a country has admitted a significant number of culturally diverse immigrants, it loses the ability freely to debate whether it wants such immigration to continue, because to say anything critical about such immigration is to "bash immigrants." (...)

Lonewacko got that so right. A,B,C,D. They have no Constitutional rights, and all aliens, non-citizens, both legal and illegal, are here at our pleasure and may be deported at any time. No reason required. The illegal ones demonstrate time and again, why their presence is intolerable. Nothing but a huge criminal enterprise with very bad manners. Deportation is the only answer. Then build the wall, every inch.

My favorite comment was "the United States wouldn't be be nothing without Mexicans." Heard it on some news radio station in So. Cal.

Look guys we will have to fight in order to live without fear of mass holocaust, it will be hell to pay from this totally corrupt government of evil people who hate us all but fighting for the ideals of freedom has been done and it is the only way that we can keep the ideals of this nation alive and its great history of laws and rights over the ideals of the one guy ruler, and if we fall let us fall as Americans and not Inmates in a camp system.