Rudy Giuliani is braindead on immigration

Rudy Giuliani has laid out his immigration plan to something called the "Latino Coalition". Assuming the article is correct, it's clear to me that he and/or his advisors aren't able to figure things out, and he is simply unqualified to be president:

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) told members of the Latino Coalition on Tuesday that U.S. immigration policy demands a complex answer that should include tamper-proof ID cards for new immigrants, a border fence and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers.

Leaving aside all the other issues (such as an amnesty encouraging future illegal immigration), one wonders exactly how we could have "tamper-proof ID cards" that would just be for "new immigrants". Due to racial profiling concerns and the related lawsuits from people like the ACLU, the "tamper-proof ID card" would eventually be something that everyone, not just "new immigrants", would be required to have.

"We have to look at illegal immigration from the point of view of what makes America more secure," Giuliani said.

His plan would encourage further illegal immigration as new illegal aliens came here to take part in future amnesties. Some of those might be terrorists and criminals. And, giving the Mexican government even more political power inside the U.S. does not make us more secure in the least.

He also wants a database of "immigrants", something oddly similar to Mitt Romney's Census of the Immigrants dodge.

...Giuliani wants undocumented workers to come forward and claim citizenship "if they're making an honest contribution." He added that adherence to American ideals is what makes an American citizen, and that those who have come to the U.S. to make an honest living should be afforded official citizenship.

Once again, he has no real clue. Just because someone is making an honest living here doesn't mean they'll make a good citizen. There are plenty of people here who are making honest livings who have allegiances to foreign countries. Perhaps he should concentrate on those who want to come here to be Americans, not just to make money.

"Of course we shouldn't have amnesty," the former mayor said. "People here legally should be at the front of the line."

That quote is truly braindead. First, of course, like Bush and others he's pretending that something that will be widely perceived as amnesty is not amnesty. And, of course, the citizenship line starts here in the U.S., but it ends in foreign countries where people are waiting to come here legally. And, there will always be people waiting overseas to come here, meaning that legalizing millions of illegal aliens will have some impact on that legal flow, and will most likely have a very serious impact. And, of course, newly-legalized illegal aliens will get to stay here while all the while millions are waiting overseas for their chance.

5/2/07 UPDATE: Russell Berman of the NY Sun falsely claims "Giuliani Adopts Moderate Stance on Immigration", a claim that's contradicted by a quote he provides:

The Republican presidential hopeful told reporters afterward that his thinking had not changed since his days as mayor, rejecting recent reports that he had veered to the right on immigration. "My view on immigration is exactly the same," he said. "It's always been the same."

The rest of the article has even less than The Hill article, and doesn't provide any other statements that change my verdict above.


Tell it like it is! the real coalition is not Latino but Mexican drug dealers working for Mexico City with the help of this Government. This is so much fun to watch a nation coming apart with the help of its corrupt leaders, its like living history, that is, "Rome". and may God help you all.