Why Rush Limbaugh being able to buy the Rams is important

A "liberal" of my acquaintance thinks the height of "humor" is to question me about whether I listened to Rush Limbaugh that day. In fact, I rarely listen to him and I no doubt disagree with him on many topics. And, normally my concern for whether someone could buy an NFL team ranks right down there with my interest in, say, what Sting had for breakfast.

However, in the case of Limbaugh - who's considering being part of a group to by the St. Louis Rams - it's important and I urge everyone to support his right to buy the team. That doesn't mean he should, but he should have the right to do so. The reason it's important is because the "bad guys" are going all out to block him and in general the left-leaning establishment is lined up against his plan.

And, that includes spreading absolutely despicable lies about him, such as the bogus James Earl Ray quote I discussed in June and that he spoke about on his show today (link).

One way you can help is to find those who have helped spread those bogus quotes and then discuss them in the same, effective style as used at this site rather than in other, less effective ways. Holding the bogus quote against people like Rachel Maddow can be used to discredit her, reduce her effectiveness, and send a message to others, but I can't (and will not be able to and have no intention to) do that all alone.

10/14/09 UPDATE: According to this, the group led by Dave Checketts of the NHL St. Louis Blues is going to drop Limbaugh in order to move forward. And, another golden opportunity to discredit the "bad guys" has mostly been lost due to the general incompetence of many Limbaugh-supporting leaders.

10/14/09 UPDATE 2: Andrew McCarthy of the National Review shows once again why no one should look to that magazine for strategy. He says:

...Why does anyone give a damn what (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) say?... ...There's only one way this nonsense ever goes away: When we say "enough!" and tell the race-baiters their time is up. It's too much of an industry, so it probably won't happen tomorrow.

It's not going to happen ever with people like McCarthy and the rest of those at NRO around. For a contrary example, see how I do things around here, specifically how I approach biased news stories and where I place the emphasis. Doing that would be a way to cut off Jackson and Sharpton from part of their support, but few people are willing to do it.


There are plenty of REAL quotes here: http://mediamatters.org/research/200910130049

I don't care if he is racist or not. With the likes of La Raza (the race) and Farrahkan and that slobby sambo Sharpton, who the fuck are they to say jack shit about racism? (very eloquent huh?)

I have no Geart LOVE FOR RUSH BUT If you have the money you have the right, but in a nation state that has a monkey running it you only have a right if its allowed like any third world monkey countries. Soon this Country if you can call it a country will have new rules and the new rules will be the ideals of the old revolutionary council of high end monkeys, with the full ideals of black and brown and yellow sovietism and let us not forget for P.C. Reasons the white boys and all that BS OF Total corrupt butt loving dream's of a typical USSSR Ideals of more boys for less money in the toilet, in other words we have no country just a X_________________FILL IT IN

Fred, that's not quite right ;) Money does not give you any rights. Only the Constitution does. Limbaugh is free to make an offer on a team, but those he is making the offer to are also free to turn it down. In other words, you can offer to buy my wife. I am equally free to refuse your offer -- especially if it is distasteful to me. You know, it actually does take a lot to change this country. Look at the ERA. Many people put in long hard hours and that didn't make it through. Your fears and insecurity are not well founded. They exist only in your fevered mind. As for the boastful blog owner. I like you! You have the ego of a Limbaugh. I predict you will go far!

Bill that is really cute, but what rights do you mean inside a want to be third world nation state, go live in mexico and see what rights really mean next to money.

Oh no! You mean Limbaugh makes 'racially charged comments'? We can't have that!! And someone has actually bothered to create an ever so objective list. No wonder some people say 'leftists' practice their own kind of 'fascism'. Dear Steve J, get lost you ridiculous faggot.