When illegal aliens are fired, Americans rush in to take the jobs (Pro's Ranch Market, Arizona)

From this April 22 story from Phoenix, Arizona:

Job hunters turned out in the hundreds to fill recently-vacant positions at Pro's Ranch Market stores, where a federal audit led to the firing of some 300 workers.

Roxanne Nieves, one of the many that came out in search of a job, said she came to apply after she heard about the layoffs.

"We heard they are firing a lot of illegal people, so we're here to apply," she said.

This same pattern has repeated itself several times: each time there's an immigration raid or other enforcement action, American workers rush in to disprove the jobs americans wont do talking point.

Nieves feels sorry for those who were fired, but the simple fact is that jobs are at any point in time a limited resource, and it's much better that one should go to a U.S. citizen than to a foreign citizen who's here illegally. Rather than agitating to help illegal aliens take jobs from Americans, leftwingers should encourage reforms in Mexico and other sending countries.

Note also that the company's lawyer is Julie Pace; see that link for more on her.