Whatever else, Steve Poizner is better than Meg Whitman on immigration (California Republican governor candidates)

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Back in October, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman visited the border and spouted a series of "business-friendly" immigration talking points; it was like if you could find a Tamar Jacoby talking doll on eBay, but without the latter's self-awareness. Then, last month she gave in to the far-left and turned her back on a supporter who'd inartfully complained about being called a racist. So, if you care about the issues we cover here, she's not an option (unless she wins the primary and, say, her Democratic opponent is Nativo Lopez).

Whitman is competing with California insurance commissioner Steve Poizner, whose position on the immigration issue seems to be a bit better. On the video at peekURL.com/vd7u7dn (attached right or below) he sounds a bit "business-friendly" also, and he harps on secure the border. The latter is sometime a sign that someone isn't serious, but Poizner gets points for bringing up immigration terrorism. In his case - unlike Whitman and most leading Republicans and Democrats - he might actually be mostly serious about securing the border. However, he's also in the "illegal bad, legal good" orbit, extolling the virtues of legal immigration. He's probably not quite in the Carly Fiorina "flood the U.S. with H1Bs" camp, but then again he probably wouldn't serve as an effective counterweight to those like her.

And, from [1]:

At a Republican dinner in Yolo County, in Northern California, Poizner tried to distinguish himself from Whitman by saying that "only one of us thinks of the immigration issue as a state issue and not just a federal one. There is a lot we can do here in California."

In another meeting with activists, Poizner said, “One of my key issues will be illegal immigration and stopping it once and for all; if I have to send the National Guard to the border, I’ll do it.”

Poizner has also said publicly that "illegal immigrants are overwhelming our education, health care and public benefits systems."

The last, fact-based statement is one you'll never hear from cowards like Whitman or Arnold Schwarzenegger, so he at least deserves some degree of support, even if only in a strategic sense. I.e., using him to oppose those who support illegal immigration or at least defending him against them.

[1] news.newamericamedia.org/news/view_article.html?

Steve Poizner on illegal immigration