What Julia Preston won't tell you about the DREAM Act (DREAMers, New York Times)

Foreign citizens who are here illegally are aggressively agitating to change our laws to suit them, even though those changes will harm U.S. citizens. And, Julia Preston of the New York Times is doing her best to help those foreign citizens.

Preston offers "Young Immigrants Say It's Obama's Time to Act" (link) which starts with a lie: those she discusses aren't "immigrants", they're illegal aliens. While Preston does use "illegal" several times in the piece, those who aren't familiar with these issues might be confused by the various terms she uses for those who are illegal aliens.

But, that's the least of her sins: not once in the piece does she reveal that the DREAM Act would harm both U.S. students and workers, giving both competition for scarce resources (jobs and college educations) in tough economic times.

For what Preston won't tell you, see the last link.

I side with my struggling fellow Americans; Julia Preston and the New York Times side with law changes that harm struggling Americans.