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Kathy M
East coast
Patriot, only Free people own guns, Love&Respect Military & Law Enf, ICE, ❤animals, OANN 🦅🇺🇸, TRUMP #KAG #Benghazi, LibsRevil, MSM is the enemy, #WalkAway
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From @rockrexx
RT @SebGorka: And this is why the Left hates @realDonaldTrump. Because he is the antithesis of their divisive “Identity Politics.” https:…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump lacks smarts/patriotism to oppose ID politics in ways that'd undercut Dem leaders. Prove me wrong: cite examples of his smartest arguments: #LOL #MAGA #resist MT @rockrexx RT @SebGorka: the Left hates Trump cuz he antithesis of their divisive "Identity Politics."