Wade Henderson, UAW, SPLC join to harm Alabama over immigration law (LCCHR, Cindy Estrada, Mary Bauer)

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Yesterday, two self-styled civil rights groups and a union held a conference call to announce actions they'll be taking against Alabama's new immigration law (HB 56).

Their actions will include "escalating pressure on top companies operating in Alabama" and taking actions "through international tribunals" [1].

Those on the call were:
* Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (Leadership Conference on Civil Rights)
* Cindy Estrada (VP of the United Auto Workers)
* Mary Bauer (legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

In order to support illegal immigration, those groups will try waging economic war against Alabama (link):

"Our message to the Legislature is simple. If we can't appeal to your humanity, we then will appeal to your pocketbooks," Henderson said in a conference call with reporters.

...Henderson said there will be "targeted advertising" to discourage tourists and groups from choosing Alabama for their vacations and conferences

"Alabama is not a state at this time that is worthy ... of your contributions and support," Henderson said.

Henderson said the actions are not a boycott against the state.

"However, we strongly believe only through a gradual escalation of pressure on key economic sectors of Alabama can we achieve the policy changes our coalition and most Alabama citizens would support," Henderson said.

They'll also be passing out leaflets outside Hyundai dealerships due to that company's presence in the state [2]. One of those leaflets will invite potential useful idiots to "Stand Up Against Hate."

If you want to do something about this, separate Henderson, the UAW, and the SPLC from any form of popular support.

Point out that in order to help foreign citizens who are here illegally remain in jobs (many of which unemployed Americans could be doing), those groups will try to harm Alabama's economy.

Point out that those groups are trying to make things worse for struggling American workers.

Also, U.S. citizens in Alabama probably won't be very happy about those groups seeking to get international entities like the United Nations to meddle in state and national politics.

[1] uaw.org/articles/national-civil-rights-and-labor-groups-announce-

[2] From this:

Hyundai's large manufacturing plant in Montgomery is running at full capacity and has about 2,500 employees who manufacture more than 1,300 vehicles a day. The company recently announced plans to add a third shift and 877 new jobs at the plant.

State tourism director Lee Sentell says tourists spent $10.2 billion in Alabama last year. He said it was the first year tourists had spent more than $10 billion in Alabama.