Victor Manuel Ramos/Orlando Sentinel supports illegal aliens taking college discounts from citizens

Victor Manuel Ramos of the Orlando Sentinel offers "Immigrants' children might get help from DREAM Act/They were brought here illegally, but it's only home they know" (link). If you trust his reporting in any way, please go take a look at some of the entries in the PIIPP category; for years the MSM has been printing cookie-cutter articles designed to support the DREAM Act, an anti-American bill that would let illegal aliens take college educations away from U.S. citizens.

The current article is highly similar to past efforts from other sources: "this is the only country he has ever known", "he has to return to an Argentina he no longer remembers", "They have grown up American, speaking English and attending schools", and so on. It also quotes two advocates; whether the article was planted by one of them isn't known. The first is from a student group called "CHISPAS", and the other is from the NIF:

"There is no group of immigrants more sympathetic than young people who were brought here not of their own choosing," said Douglas Rivlin, spokesman for the National Immigration Forum, which coordinates immigrant advocacy at the national level. "The train takes a long time to move in Congress and when it comes to immigration, it's already started on its tracks, and the DREAM Act is on it."


you can hand people free education but what is that? when the jobs disappear into the third world?

It might be easier to keep track of people in the media who come out against this.