Van Jones re-hired by Obama-linked Center for American Progress (UPDATE: maybe not)

Van Jones - Barack Obama's "green jobs czar" - quit just four days ago, but the landing was rather soft: he's been re-hired by the Obama administration-linked Center for American Progress (link). He had previously been a senior fellow there, and now he's back.

That link also points out that CAP hired Louis Caldera, the administration official who ordered (or who just took the heat for) the New York City flyover by Air Force One.

UPDATE: Now, Ben Smith of the Politico says ( he asked Jennifer Palmieri of CAP about this and she said there was no such plan in place, though she said the organization has nothing against Jones and didn't rule out his returning.

However, from

Palmieri says that Jones has been offered office space at CAP, though he will not be working for the organization. “Van was as senior fellow here at CAP and a good friend of ours, and we have offered office space for him to work out of while he figures out what he wants to do next,” she told Politico. “We don’t believe he’s decided what job he wants.”


well yes! after all van is a great monkey! by the way out of the 63 czar hired 56 area black isn't that funny?