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Journalist, author, educator. An aspiring hybrid of Ida Tarbell and Jeong Kwan. Book #2, THE FATE OF FOOD, out now:
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1/ If you're interested in #climatechange then put @littletrip #FateofFood atop your summer reading list. Out today…
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2/ I've learned a ton from reading it, including why some African farmers have embraced GMO seeds, and the stunning…
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3/ And if you're in DC, you can attend this @PoliticsProse reading at Union Market on June 12 at 7 pm, where…
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@eilperin @PoliticsProse @JoeYonan Can't wait to see you there! Thank you X 10.
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.@littletrip: maybe you can ask @eilperin about her support for the DREAM Act. It'd add 2 million new legal workers to the labor supply. Obviously, adding 2 million new legal workers greatly helps Big Biz & harms American workers. Is it liberal to help Big Biz harm workers?