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ny ny la ca
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TONIGHT Annette Benning, Alfre Woodard, @JohnLithgow, me & many more A historic LIVE play, ripped from the page…
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From @resistenojona
@PiperPerabo @JohnLithgow @AlfreWoodard @ZacharyQuinto @ben_mckenzie @justinlong @kyrasedgwick @Alyssa_Milano…
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.@resistenojona: remember how Kathy Griffin's antics only just helped Trump? What @PiperPerabo & other "celebs" are doing is the same & Trump loves it. Trump would hate it if a smart person engaged him in debate on policy. Why aren't they doing that instead?
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lest anyone fear i’ve passed away.
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@ZacharyQuinto Obviously you haven’t but I think you have turned into a vampire. Lol
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.@Breanna_A89: @ZacharyQuinto 's latest project is a live-reading of the Mueller Report. I'm sure you've noticed that anything "celebs" say about Trump only helps him, even if Zach hasn't (or puts virtue signaling ahead of undercutting Trump).