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Los Angeles, CA
1/2 no diggity. 1/2 no doubt. Editorial Director @Essence, TV writer & the name is pronounced I-esha - Don't sing the song to me.
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From @Essence
On the latest installment of #24HoursWith, ESSENCE cameras followed 2020 presidential hopeful @KamalaHarris as she…
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From @SchrodSnoFlake
@Essence @YeshaCallahan @KamalaHarris This was excellent. And I appreciate that you've given her the opportunity. Thank you.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If Kamala were the wrong race, would Essence hype her so much? Shouldn't citizens challenge politicians on their policies rather than acting like fanboys? MT @SchrodSnoFlake [@Essence hypes an extremely pro-Kamala vlog similar to what Hannity would do for Trump, but worse]