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Yali Elkin
Northern NJ
Fan of catallaxy, amateur psephologist, kosher foodie, history buff, husband of @DoctorIma and dad. I also do finance things. I run, but never when chased.
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From @AsheSchow
Vogue editors, they’re just like you and me!
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From @yalielkin
@AsheSchow Just like lookin' in the mirror...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What's funny is their holiday plans are an *ad*. And, Schow is so dim she not only doesn't realize it, she helps the advertisers for free. MT @yalielkin [agrees, albeit not overtly childish] MT @AsheSchow [childish mockery of Vogue editors' high-end holidays]
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From @petefrt
RT @yalielkin: I think this piece nails it. @instapundit: Britain's forgotten voters and ours via @USATODAY
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@petefrt @yalielkin: FYI, Instapundit hyped Hannan, the #Brexit traitor: #Leave #Truomp2016 #teaparty