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Peter Osroff Ed.D.
Long Island, NY
Principal #BillofRights #2A #PublicEducation #Grace #FamilyValues #ProLife #Liberty🇺🇸 #Privacy #IStandWithIsrael -More blessed than I deserve- Retweet≠Agreement
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.@POsroff: AFAIK, Kobach has lost every immigration battle he's had: Will he win this time or keep losing?
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.@POsroff: 1+ yr ago I asked for your help to stop #AssistedSuicide bills & you did nothing (CA's passed). Now you in effect enable amnesty.
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RT @NYS4Life: There’s Nothing Progressive About Physician-Assisted Suicide
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.@POsroff: here's a smart plan to stop assisted suicide bills: Will you help stop those bills?