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An American political scientist focused on democratization and revolution, with experience researching and teaching in the Middle East. This is where I vent.
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From @VeraMBergen
NEW: Pompeo is being sued for failing to preserve records of Trump and Putin's face-to-face meetings, including all…
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From @VeraMBergen
In the new lawsuit, @weareoversight and @DemocracyFwd argue Trump "has taken unusual, and in some cases extreme, me…
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From @VeraMBergen
Experts say Trump’s efforts to conceal what's said to a key foreign leader behind closed doors is unprecedented & w…
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From @XLProfessor
@VeraMBergen @maddow I gotta say, I think the opposite is true. The fact that whatever Trump and Russia agreed on i…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Given that Putin's a smart KGB spy & Trump's a dim, emotionally fragile, venal durak, we need to know what was said. MT @XLProfessor ...The fact that whatever Trump and Russia agreed on is secret and undocumented will allow the next president to ignore it...