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Jenna Johnson
Washington D.C.
Political reporter at The Washington Post who covers the White House, Donald Trump and America at this moment in history.
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RT @PhilipRucker: No, Donald Trump has not softened his stance on banning Muslims. A reality check from @wpjenna
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.@KamenIntheLoop: hey Al, is Trump's Muslims ban realistic?
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.@wpjenna: 2nd try. Have you looked into possibility that #TrumpWall would be blocked in Congress & the courts?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@wpjenna: I think the Trump Wall would be blocked in Congress & courts. Have you looked into that possibility? #fw
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.@wpjenna: can you help @ashleyrparker do real #journalism for a change? See & help her improve. #NYTimes #NYT #tlot