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William Coale, Ph.D.
El Cerrito, California
W8WC, Author, "The Genius of George Wright" / CD producer / Voice actor/Editorial writer / Theatre Organist / Global Tourist #Resist #Resistance #FBRParty
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Since the government bailed out GM, they have seen record profits. We need to end corporate corruption and greed⁠—a…
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@TomSteyer @UAW The unions also accepted huge concessions in order to help keep the companies afloat. Fair is fair. Corporate greed is not.
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Steyer strongly supports illegal immigration, the biggest example of corruption there is: Big Biz pays off crooked pols to look the other way so Tyson etc etc can lower wages. MT @wmcoale MT @TomSteyer We need to end corporate corruption and greed⁠ - at the expense of workers