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Edward Przychocki
Ontario, Canada
Citizen for a better Canada. I value balanced govt, reachable security,environment,social & economic goals. Immigrants willing to obey Cdn laws are very welcome
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From @jihadwatchRS
I've been defamed by the SPLC for years. Help me fight back: help me sue the Southern Poverty Law Center. Please co…
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From @HMAesq
@jihadwatchRS Wait, you're in the bigot business in Trump's America and are so broke you can't file a lawsuit? You…
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From @whiterabbitt51
@HMAesq @jihadwatchRS Perhaps Mr.Spencer doesn't have the $ support generated by a wholly corrupt oil industry back…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@whiterabbitt51: to undercut SPLC, all @jihadwatchRS has to do is work reporters who give them ink, pointing out how SPLC has deceived ( ). SPLC needs press; Spencer could take it away by holding reporters accountable for giving them the time of day.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@whiterabbitt51: yet, instead of helping a big tent common front against the SPLC, jihadwatchRS - oddly enough! - wants donations. He could be a hero for millions & make more money at it, but he always has to choose the easiest, least patriotic grift.