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Our purpose is to expose genocidal policies against our race, the White race in every White nation. #whitegeNOcide
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From @Saamprater
RT @Glaivester: .@MathewSHarrison @nomoreamnesty I suggest re-tweeting these guys: @24aheaddotcom @sbpdl @jmantraseed @white_geNOcide @euro…
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From @nomoreamnesty
Obama Outsources 100,000 More Jobs To Guest Workers Any doubt you don't count..impeach
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From @MathewSHarrison
@nomoreamnesty @Glaivester do you get the feeling white genocide a la South Africa is just around the corner?
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From @Glaivester
.@MathewSHarrison @nomoreamnesty I suggest re-tweeting these guys: @24aheaddotcom @sbpdl @jmantraseed @white_geNOcide @euroamericans
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@white_geNOcide: why are whites who aren't corrupt or decadent so incredibly stupid, like #OWS & #Teaparty? #tcot #uniteblue #gop