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Daisy Ruth
Tampa, FL
@WFLA #DigitalFirst Reporter. Journalist who ♥️s learning about everything. @floridaaquarium volunteer. #Yinzer turned Floridian. Story idea?
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From @WFLADaisy
A live look at my brain right now this late in the day...
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From @patjchile
@WFLADaisy Same!
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From @WFLADaisy
@patjchile Trying to transcribe an interview with a fast talker was just...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WFLADaisy: hi Daisy, @patjchile isn't credible. He - a supposed law reporter - hypes "Democrats Are Resurfacing a Gun Control Bill That Contains an Anti-Immigrant Amendment", a blog that intentionally lies about legal issues. Being one of a billionaire's lackeys is no excuse.