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Bob Morehouse
Lake George, NY
Upstate NYer. Opinionated guy. Loves horror movies, politics, Disney, Yankees, sports, The Sopranos, Billy Joel & Springsteen. Not a fan of 45. NY21 Resident
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From @wolfblitzer
The Secretaries of Homeland Security, Defense and Interior are all “acting” — and so are the UN Ambassador, White H…
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From @bobmorehouseNY
@wolfblitzer We do have a President who seems to be acting too.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bobmorehouseNY: @wolfblitzer is acting too. He's got the hair, glasses, & voice of a Serious Newsman, but politicians run circles around him. E.g., he just asked Inslee a "tough" question that let Inslee pivot into a speech and applause. #InsleeTownHall