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Stephanie Keegan
Wife and mother of 3 wonderful sons. Veterans advocate and soldier in the war on addiction. Candidate for NYS Assembly 94. #WorkingHardForNY94 #LeanOnMe
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From @RepSeanMaloney
Long day of testimony on Capitol Hill. Lots for the American public to unpack. Hear my take now on @TheLastWord wit…
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From @warsnotover
@RepSeanMaloney @TheLastWord @Lawrence @MSNBC You killed it today! So proud of you!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@warsnotover: you know how you reject anything Don Trump Jr says? Everything @RepSeanMaloney, CNN, etc say is like that for MAGA: they just reinforce Trump's Deep State/Fake News campaign with his base. They lack smarts to undercut that campaign even if they had it as a goal.