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Vann Schaffner
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Son, Brother, husband, father, grandfather Pathologist/ USNR/A MC 84-92. Romans 12
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.@vannschaffner: six simple #immigration questions @MichaelBarone can't answer: What sort of expert is he? #tcot #p2
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@vannschaffner: if someone smears you, the last thing you do is repeat the smear. #teaparty #sgp #tpp too witless to understand that. #tcot
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@vannschaffner: claim Loughner wasn't political is *two years out of date*, pre-dates #teaparty antics: #tlot
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@vannschaffner: Chamber of Commerce joined with @ACLU and AFL-CIO to sue U.S. against "no match" (designed to prevent illegal hiring). #doh
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@vannschaffner: do you support amnesty & illegal #immigration? Why are you donating to a group that does?