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From @SportsNation
Oklahoma falls to 0-4 in #CFBPlayoff games
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From @wymoretech31
@SportsNation @ESPNCFB The Buffalo Bills of college football
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From @ASooner4Life
@wymoretech31 @SportsNation @ESPNCFB You're wrong. The Bills actually made it to the championship game.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ASooner4Life @SportsNation: kneeball is a pathetic joke. Big Baby players who can only ever play one role & who need a politburo to direct their every move. Real football has constant action & players who are real athletes & who have to think for themselves. #CFBPlayoff
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Two possessions. Two touchdowns. Jawon Pass' second TD run has Louisville up on No. 9 Notre Dame
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From @brett_diet
@ESPNCFB If Louisville could go ahead and beat the Irish now and keep them out of the already big mess the playoff…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@brett_diet: it looks like Louisville winning #NDvsLOU won't happen. P.S. Kneeball is a joke. It's like a real football game but with 30 seconds to 10 minutes of nothing between each play. Players are big babies & occasionally felonious. Take a knee on @ESPNCFB.