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Washington, DC
now: news editor @voxdotcom. soon: deputy policy editor @voxdotcom. teach writing @au_spa. tweets may not be on topic. | 📸: @kainazamaria
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.@libbyanelson: at #Vox - a site that'd be very pro-corporate even if they weren't funded by GE - you bring bad things to life by calling @KrisKobach1787 "a hardline anti-immigration activist". Can you direct us to anything he's ever done reducing #immigration?
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.@libbyanelson: hi Libby. Is @MattYglesias 's support for serf labor really all that liberal: ? #immigration #Vox
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@libbyanelson: I stand with struggling American workers who'll be screwed by Obama's "DREAM": #immigration #tlot
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@libbyanelson: "DREAM deferred" has been used many, many times. You're as unoriginal as you are un-American. #immigration #tlot #tcot #OWS