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City of Brotherly Love. Birthplace of American Democracy.
Mom of 2 amazing girls, 1 an Active Duty US Sailor. Caregiver to severely disabled brother. Defiant liberal lioness. Advocate for human decency. No DM's #Resist
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.@AmericaFightHim: 2.5 years ago I accurately pointed out @USNavyMomPA enables those who aren't smart enough to undercut Trump. She blocked me rather than admitting reality. Those like her are part of the problem.
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RT @USNavyMomPA: Sweet Jesus. WTF is it going to take to get this profoundly impaired man out of the White House?
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RT @mtaibbi: Congratulations, America, you've turned the presidency into a four-year Alex Jones broadcast.
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Taibbi has a megaphone. If he were smarter Trump would have lost. MT @USNavyMomPA RT @mtaibbi: presidency [is now an] Alex Jones broadcast