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💯CHRISTIAN MAGA U.S. Army Vietnam (AMERICAL) 71/72 - ECHO RECON 1/46th Bn (196th Bde) - 11B - CIB/Purple Heart - Retired CA Peace Officer 🚫 Pornflakes
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From @NevadaElJefe
Dianne, if you cared about the safety of unaccommpanied illegal alien children, you would not be encouraging their…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
And if you really opposed her you'd hilite how she *increases* border deaths as some die. MT @NevadaElJefe [a Feinstein], if you cared about safety of unaccomp. illegal alien kids, you wouldn't be encouraging their pars to send them to here! [Dems use them for chain immigration]