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Ty Schalter
Lansing, MI
Professional writer & talker (@FiveThirtyEight, etc.). Sports things & nerd stuff. Rather cleverer than most men; mistakes correspondingly huger. He/him.
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From @LucyFlores
This was an incredibly difficult thing to do, but something that felt necessary. It took awhile before I found the…
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From @tyschalter
…and here’s the other Biden shoe dropping. Thanks to @LucyFlores for telling her story and grappling so publicly a…
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From @womensmarch
@LucyFlores Thank you for speaking out. We’ve got your back ️
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From @CarlaGreevr
@womensmarch @LucyFlores Sad..haven’t heard a word from him..what’s wrong with this picture?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CarlaGreevr: I know, what's wrong with Biden? @LucyFlores had to endure 8 years of Biden as Obama's VP plus years of Biden as Obama's running mate & former VP. Now, years & years & years later when she finally find her voice to tell her tale, Biden says nothing. The monster!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tyschalter: @LucyFlores had years to tell her tale and now suddenly finds her voice. Why didn't she find her voice when Biden was VP? Also note that a Daily Wire hack is joining in the anti-Biden campaign.