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tv writer | CALLS, AMERICAN GODS. is there parking?
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counterpoint: the Canadian election seems like one of the worse examples of a rural/urban divide in recent memory.…
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@TylerDinucci They gained ground in suburban Vancouver, too. They sucked wind in metro Toronto and Ottawa because p…
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@jbarro Yup. There’s definitely a story of regionalism but that’s not really an urban/rural divide. Calgary has 1.2…
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@TylerDinucci @jbarro The US used to have cities like that but they’re all going blue. Like, San Diego can still el…
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@daveweigel @jbarro yeah, there just isn't really any good comparison to the United States. And it's not just Calga…
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.@TylerDinucci: FYI, @daveweigel lied about me on his personal blog then refused to approve the comment where I showed how he was lying. Journalists have a "right of reply" & he didn't abide by it. That isn't surprising since he isn't much of a journalist.