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Susan M Ireland
Connecticut, USA
♻️ Anything to protect our 🌏. Mom to 3 great, strong young women. Like walkers more than talkers. Be The Change. Term Limits. Integrity.
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From @60Minutes
“Rise of the Rest” invested in Jonathan Webb’s idea to build high-tech greenhouses in Kentucky. He says instead of…
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From @twold2tweet
@60Minutes @SteveCase @RiseOfRest I am encouraged by your vision for Appalachia. With that said, our health is in j…
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From @karibowieHertel
@60Minutes Yay @RiseOfRest
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@twold2tweet: billionaires have pushed Koch-style policies that have caused great harm to Middle America. Now, SteveCase & @RiseOfRest are trying to profit from the devastation those like them helped cause. And, @60Minutes is aiding their PR stunt.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@karibowieHertel: NeoLiberal policies (free trade, loose borders, globalism, "greed is good", etc.) have devastated Middle America. Now, those who push those same policies are trying to profit from the devastation. And, @60Minutes is acting as their PR agent.