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Benjamin Tassie
Composer 🔮 current projects: @Tate Britain gig 20.03, new album @ace_national #DYCP, resident artist @marydugganarc, + PhD @BirmCons. I run @classicalremix
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From @benjamintassie
Absolutely losing it at this incredibly relatable feature with the Vogue editors
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From @christapeterso
@benjamintassie Whew
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From @grylxndr
@christapeterso @benjamintassie this is a Frasier episode
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From @bibLEAHteca_
@benjamintassie Am I reading this wrong, or is sis packing 14 bikinis while considering herself a light packer?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What you didn't notice is the links. OK, let me help you out some more. Companies would pay money for those links. Have you figured it out yet? MT @bibLEAHteca_ [weak observation] MT @benjamintassie [stunned at Vogue editors' high-end holiday plans]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@grylxndr @christapeterso: as supposed PhD students, you should be able to figure out those Vogue editors are getting what they describe for free or at a discount. (Them mentioning specific brands & linking them should be a big clue.)