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Shit hole created by Democrats
American Muslim Nationalist ,TransWhite. Soon to be TransChinese. Here to defeat the left on identity politics. DemocRats are the real Nazis #MAGA
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Keep buying those classes, one day you'll be Clear. #MAGA MT @TrumplsG0DsGlFT: Trump hasn’t lost me yet with his immigration proposal to grant Amnesty to illegal Aliens. Simply Because Democrats [etc]
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RT @TrumplsG0dsGlft: Reagan granted amnesty to 3 Million illegals. DemocRats tricked him to do this In return for stronger border securitie…
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Start a campaign to demand Andre Bauer, Mike Shields, Cernovich, Dilbert, etc. answer why exactly they think Trump's amnesty would be different than 1986. Make them answer. MT @CaliConsrvative RT @TrumplsG0dsGlft: Reagan granted amnesty to 3 Mil illegals. DemocRats tricked him