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Gaspard Glanz
Paris, Strasbourg, Rennes
@TaranisNEWS • REPORTER / JOURNALIST 📸 Social, Borders…. 🔥 «J’adore respirer l'odeur du gaz lacrymogène, le matin» «Ideals are peaceful history is violent»
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From @zylberdav
Voici Pia Klemp. Et elle risque 20 ans de prison. Son crime? Sauver près de 5000 #migrants de la noyade, entre 2017…
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From @MorisMyriam
@zylberdav @Dalipas @GaspardGlanz un sujet pour toi?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MorisMyriam: I don't know about @GaspardGlanz, but @zylberdav isn't thinking the Pia Klemp issue through. She gives people a false sense of hope. She encourages more people to try to cross the Med. More people trying to cross = more people dying.