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Love grace, golf, my three boys and one awesome wife. Softball/golf are not to be played sober. Talks politics and religion. Views subject to change. Sales guy.
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From @CNBC
WATCH: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears to sleep during Trump’s United Nations speech.
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From @bjatmcw
@CNBC Can you blame him??? @realDonaldTrump sounded like he was about to nod off as well.
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From @trandyblunt
@bjatmcw @CNBC @realDonaldTrump That's weird, I heard the speech was "fiery". #TheBestWords
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.@trandyblunt: @CNBC & @_danmangan hype completely worthless dreck about Wilbur Ross to distract for those Trump railed against. Trump's horrific, but don't let that trick you into supporting globalists.