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Tom Roussey
Washington, DC
Reporter covering DC, MD & VA for ABC7. Graduate of Paint Branch High in Montgomery County & University of Maryland. Christian. Love sports, books, Terps!
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.@tomrousseyABC7: see "Eric Clanton takes 3-year probation deal in Berkeley rally bike lock assault case". Will the perp in the bike lock beating you blogged about also get 3 years of probation, or something else? #DC #NoVa
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From @tomrousseyABC7
Ketchazo Paho of Bethesda says a man smashed him in the head w/a bicycle lock after repeatedly calling him the n-wo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tomrousseyABC7: you blog "Man beaten with bike lock by cyclist who screamed racist slur in Georgetown shares story". Terrible, doltish crime. A Trump fan in Berkeley was similarly assaulted (search Eric Clanton). Was that a terrible, doltish crime too? #DC #NoVa