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T.J. Quinn
Bristol, Ct.
Investigative Reporter, ESPN. There’s fever in the funk house now.
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From @TJQuinnESPN
So, four days after I brought someone to a hospital that is now the Covid-19 hub for North Jersey, I've got symptom…
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From @daniela10_10
@TJQuinnESPN Stay safe, I’ll be praying you and your family is okay.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@daniela10_10: I hope those like @TJQuinnESPN & esp his MSM pals realize the old clickbait days are over: they have to do real work now. They need to demand specific #s/dates from admin officials for beds/ventilators/tests/etc. If they don't, help me destroy their careers.
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From @KeithOlbermann
On behalf of @BobLeyESPN @JeremySchaap @TJQuinnESPN thanks for the kind words on Rose special. It airs again on ESPN2 right after tennis.
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From @JeremySchaap
@KeithOlbermann It was all downhill for me after that first Rose interview.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JeremySchaap: would @KeithOlbermann let back in the NBA's game-fixing ref too?