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The Church of England
England, United Kingdom
A Church for all, online and in every community.
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From @AjitPaiFCC
On this date in 1558, Elizabeth I (daugher of @KngHnryVIII) became Queen of England upon death of her sister Mary.…
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From @tw00ps
@AjitPaiFCC @KngHnryVIII @churchofengland I really just want to see you post about pro consumer FCC policy not Snapple facts.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tw00ps: years ago, I told the top pro-NN group how to keep it: challenge @AjitPaiFCC to his face using Socratic questions (like lawyers ask at cross-examinations) on video for Youtube. That would've kept it. They instead waved signs like kids, etc etc. Learn from that.