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Timothy Bendel
Mesa, AZ
Baby Boomer, MN Born & Raised, Wife & 2 Kids & 2 Grandsons. Like motorsports, travel, nice (sunny weather) beaches, Dogs, America, FREEDOM & #MAGA #WalkAway
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Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly releases new ad claiming to support President Trump's immigration policies, after polls…
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From @TimothyBendel
@WiredSources HaHaHa... Wow, it is actually funny (and extremely rare) to see a Democrat talking sensibly...
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.@TimothyBendel: on #immigration, Joe Donnelly is as fake as Trump. Trump "wall" would be torn down as soon as Trump's out of office. The real solution is to make arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base. Trump & Donnelly won't do that. #MAGA #Indiana