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Behind you, USA
I don't care if you are Christian,Atheist,Muslim,Buddhist,Rich,Poor,Asian,Hispanic, White,Black etc. You're either an a**hole or you're not.
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.@SofyaAngelz @npvgrassroots: here's a smart, easy thing @TomSteyer could do right now that'd greatly undercut Trump to his base. Start an effort to really press Trump proxies on how evanescent Trump's "wall" would be. Doing that would eliminate support for the wall on TV.
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We agree, and though we don’t have any view on the literal handle meaning and statement, we absolutely endorse lett…
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@npvgrassroots @TomSteyer has done an amazing job with mobilizing and engaging citizens to vote. Supporting #NPVIC…
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Steyer says impeachment is the only thing that'd work. Yet, there are other, much smarter & much easier things that'd work. Think about it: Putin was able to come up with a smart plan. Steyer just isn't smart. MT @SofyaAngelz @npvgrassroots @TomSteyer has done an amazing job...